Who is Nanoversiegelung-Service.de? Nano sealing Glass sealing Stone sealing Service from a specialist company

We are Nanonator, a specialist company for nano coatings in the home / garden and car glass. With our subcontractors in different countries, we have been sealing glass surfaces such as windows, terrace glazing, conservatories, showcases, shower walls, but also commercial surfaces such as shop windows and showcases for more than 10 years. But also surfaces such as terraces made of stone, sidewalks or even facades. 

The surfaces sealed by us receive a water, dirt and sometimes also oil-repellent surface through the nano-sealing, which makes cleaning much faster and easier. The nano-sealing also prevents the formation of moss and algae enormously, for example. The germ load on sealed surfaces such as glass or ceramics is also reduced many times over. 

With more than 10 years of experience, we have tested almost all products from a wide variety of manufacturers and only use products from manufacturers who have been able to convince us with their quality in our more than 10 years. 

We share our many years of practical experience with different products from different areas on various pages.

What actually is a nano coating?

The nano sealing is based on a technology that was adapted from nature. If you take the lotus flower as an example, you can see that water and dirt do not stick to its leaves but simply roll off. The reason for this is the so-called lotus effect or beading effect. This is generated by millionths of a millimeter in size, so-called nanoparticles that adhere to the surface. The nano sealing works with a very similar effect, albeit artificially applied to the surface. Here, too, the lotus effect is created by the nanoparticles. This creates a unique beading effect with the nano-sealing, which makes cleaning glass surfaces and other surfaces treated with a nano-sealing much easier.

How does nano sealing actually work?

A distinction is made here between different nano coatings. Depending on the nature of the surface, there are nano-seals that are particularly well suited for surfaces with different compositions. With all nano seals, the so-called lotus effect is created by artificially applied and activated nanoparticles. 

How long does a nano seal last?

Almost every day we are asked how long a nano coating actually lasts. Here you have to name essential factors that influence the durability of an applied nano-sealing:

Friction is a factor that shortens durability. Friction, such as that caused by the windshield wiper constantly moving over a surface with a nano coating, wears away the applied nanoparticles over time. These must then be reapplied after a certain period of time in order to regain the full effect.

Cleaning agents: An optimized surface treated with a nano seal should only be cleaned with water. On the one hand, this protects the environment through significantly less cleaning agent consumption, but also extends the durability of the nanoparticles on the surface. Surfactants or other substances contained in the cleaning agent settle between the nanorods and thereby reduce the contact angle of the water. This reduces the lotus effect. Furthermore, depending on the seal used, the substances can also react with the substances contained in the nano seal and thus have a counterproductive effect.

The nano seals we use on glass, for example, have a shelf life of up to several years and can be effortlessly refreshed when the effect wears off. This usually only takes a few minutes.

The nano seals we use have a shelf life of 4-6 months on glass shower walls. Even if manufacturers promise more here, we only give the values ​​from our own experience. 

What do we seal with a nano seal?

We seal various surfaces with a nano seal:

  • window
  • Glass showers
  • conservatory 
  • terrace glazing
  • patio stones
  • facades
  • Car windows, car glazing, windshields
  • bathroom sink
  • Plastic frames and surfaces
  • Store window
  • commercial space

Why nano sealing from a specialist company?

Almost every day we are confronted with surfaces on which private users have applied products that now show unsightly streaks or even blind areas. Nano seals were also used and applied that were of high enough quality in terms of their composition and effect. There are many different nano coatings on the market from manufacturers who promise the user "the moon from the sky", possibly even initially producing an effect, but then the nasty surprise comes. We at Nanonator Nanoversiegelung-Service.de only use products from manufacturers whose effect we know and have tested for the surfaces that we treat with a nano sealant. And not just for a week, but for years. 

Furthermore, the application of various nano seals must be carried out according to certain specifications. Professional pre-cleaning of the surfaces to be treated is also important here. Here it is often not sufficient to go over it with a glass cleaner. Certain temperatures must also be observed.

As a professional company specializing in nano-sealing, we assess the surfaces to be sealed in advance in a visit that is free of charge for you. We will also advise you on which nano-coating with which technology would be most suitable. You will then receive a free offer that includes all costs for the implementation of the nano-sealing.

Your advantages with a nano-sealing by us as a nano-sealing specialist:

  • free visit
  • free quotation
  • free consultation
  • All inclusive offer price without hidden additional costs
  • professional pre-cleaning of the surfaces
  • On request, brief instruction on how to refresh the nano coating by the customer himself.
  • Advice on the correct maintenance cleaning of sealed surfaces
  • Upon request, free nano-sealing of a small test area

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